Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (2023)


The right case for you is out there, somewhere.

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (1)

By Jason Cross

Senior Editor, MacworldDEC 3, 2021 3:00 am PST

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (2)

Image: IDG / Jason Cross

There are just too many iPhone cases in the world. I mean, we get it…they’re inexpensive to manufacture with a big markup, and the potential market is in the tens of millions with each new iPhone generation. Nearly everybody puts some kind of case on their phone because it’s just too easy to scuff, scratch, or shatter that thousand-dollar pocket supercomputer.

But what case should you buy? Are they all essentially the same, and you should just buy the one that looks the way you want at a good price? Or are some cases really truly better than others? We got a few dozen cases in to put them to the test, so we could recommend products based on more than just their web photos. So if you don’t see anything that strikes your fancy just yet, stay tuned because we’ll be adding to it as we test more.

Update 12/03/21: We’ve added a few more case reviews to our roundup.

What to look for when buying an iPhone case

Obviously, the aesthetics of a case are critical. Really, your iPhone isn’t going to look like what Apple designed, it’s going to look like the case you stuck it in. But case design is a very personal thing, so we’re not going to pass judgment on it. You know what you like, right?

Aside from a case’s look, there are several other important factors worth considering. Here’s what we looked for with every case we tested.

Craftsmanship: We can’t really test longevity without using each case for several months at least, but we can tell you if it fits precisely, if the seams and gaps have tight tolerances, and so on.

Buttons/Cutouts: It’s surprising how many cases have really stiff and hard-to-press buttons, or whose buttons don’t line up exactly right. Cases with cut-outs instead of buttons need them to be the right size and shape for comfortable and reliable operation. And while it’s not technically a “button,” the cutout for operating the iPhone 13’s mute switch is of critical importance, as are the cutouts for the Lightning port and speakers.

Charging: Some cases (like wallet cases) aren’t even meant to work with wireless chargers, and that’s fine. But for those that are, we try it out on several wireless pads and stands to make sure they work reliably. We also make sure the Lightning port is easy to access no matter what cable you use.

With those test criteria in mind, here are some recommended iPhone 13 cases from the many we’ve tested, along with a few you should probably stay away from.

Standard cases

There are so many cases, with so many gimmicks and unique features, that it’s hard to say what a “standard” case really is anymore. For the sake of this roundup, this category is a catch-all for cases that don’t explicitly fit in the other categories. They’re not thin, rugged, or wallet cases, but they could have unique features like stands, integrated PopSockets, MagSafe magnets, and so on.

iPhone 13 Leather Case with MagSafe

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (3)

Craftsmanship: Apple sells three of its own iPhone 13 cases: this leather one, the Silicone Case, and the Clear Case. They’re all top notch, but a little pricey. The leather case is nicest, if you don’t mind real leather. It doesn’t feel “too leathery”…there’s a nice firmness and rigidity to it. And over time, the wear will make it look even better. You can’t go wrong with the official Apple cases, but they’re not specialized–neither ultra-thin nor extra rugged, and with no special features other than MagSafe.

Buttons: The buttons work flawlessly, retaining the full clicky feel and even the size and shape of a naked iPhone’s buttons. The mute switch cutout is quite small, but tapered and perfectly positioned, so it’s not hard to use. The only real problem is that the cutout for the Lightning port can be a bit of a tight fit on the larger third-party Lightning connectors.

Charging: We had no problem with any wireless chargers we tried using Apple’s cases, with the obvious exception that the huge camera bump on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max can sometimes get in the way. All Apple’s cases support MagSafe, meaning that they have a ring of magnets in them to help MagSafe accessories stick on tightly.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (4)

Craftsmanship: Spigen sells several cases with “Ultra Hybrid” branding–a plain one, one with MagSafe, and this one with a built-in stand. They’re all quite similar. They’re thin but not excessively so, and clear with optional colored bands. The fold-out stand seems fairly well built and snaps in and out with a satisfying click. It’ll hold your iPhone 13 up reliably in either orientation.

Buttons: The buttons all work reliably. They have a little bit of a spongey feel (as most clear plastics seem to), but they’re not too stiff. The cutouts for the mute switch, speakers, and Lightning port are all aligned well and sized right.

Charging: The model with the stand won’t really work right with most wireless chargers unless it’s small enough to fit between the stand and the camera bump. The other Ultra Hybrid models we tested work fine with every wireless charger we tried, and the MagSafe model has nice strong magnets.

Smartish Gripmunk with MagSafe

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (5)

Best Prices Today:$19.99 at Amazon$19.99 at Smartish

Craftsmanship: An alternative to Apple’s Clear Case that is in some ways better than the official Apple product, and certainly less expensive. It’s not quite as finely crafted as Apple’s own case but fits really well, and the textured sides make it a lot easier to grip. The Gripmunk case comes in a variety of colors, and you can get it with or without MagSafe, but it’s the clear one (“Nothin to hide”) with MagSafe that stands out, in part because Apple’s Clear Case has such a stiff feel and slick texture. And it’s half the price.

Buttons: The buttons work fine. They’re easy to locate by touch and not hard to press, though you lose a little of that “click” feel compared to a naked iPhone. The cutout for the mute switch is just slightly off-center but not enough to affect its use, and the cutouts for the Lightning port and speakers are generous.

Charging: MagSafe attraction is rock solid, and we had no problems using any wireless charger in our test suite. This case is technically “MagSafe Compatible” and not “Made for MagSafe” but all that means here is that you don’t get the little animation when you first put the case on your iPhone.

Presidio2 Grip Compatible with MagSafe

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (6)

Best Prices Today:$54.95 at Speck

Craftsmanship: Speck is one of those brands you can reliably find in many retail stores, but you might want to expand your search a little. This case is okay, but feels a little chintzy for something that costs at much as Apple’s official cases. The whole thing feels like low-grade plastic, and the lip on the top edge halfway covers the earpiece hole because Speck didn’t make a little cutout there as many other manufacturers do. For the price, you should expect more.

Buttons: The buttons are well-positioned, feel good, and are easy to click. The speaker and Lightning cutouts are fine, but the cutout for the mute switch is badly misaligned. You can operate the switch, but it’s not what you’d expect from a premium-priced case.

Charging: This case is MagSafe Compatible (not “Made for MagSafe“) so it adheres strongly to all MagSafe accessories and chargers. We got a good solid charging connection with all the wireless chargers we tried, and had no problem getting any of our third-party Lightning connectors to fit.

Incipio Organicore

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (7)

Best Prices Today:$5.99 at Amazon$39.99 at Incipio

Craftsmanship: This is a relatively plain case, perfectly average in size and shape. Its claim to fame is that it is made from 100% vegetable-based plastic and is fully compostable (in industrial composting facilities, not your backyard compost pile). The fit is okay, and it has an interesting look; sort of faux-distressed as if to emphasize its “green” cred. But there’s not a lot interesting or unique here beyond the environmental aspect. The raised edge around the screen isn’t thick enough to obscure the top earpiece speaker.

Buttons: The side button is too stiff, but the volume buttons depress easily and retain their clicky feel a bit. The cutouts for the mute switch, speakers, and Lightning port are positioned properly and sized well.

Charging: We had no problems getting a good charge on any of our wireless chargers, and all our third-party Lightning connectors fit just fine.

Coach Protective Case

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (8)

Best Prices Today:$49.99 at Incipio

Craftsmanship: You’re paying a big premium for the Coach branding on what is otherwise a rather mediocre case. The glittery, shiny floral pattern is nice enough if that’s your thing, but the case is just basic clear plastic. It’s awfully stiff, feels cheap, and doesn’t seem like it’s going to do a whole lot to absorb impact if you drop your iPhone on its edge.

Buttons: The button areas are very slim and low-profile, but the stiff plastic makes the buttons stiff and hard to press. The cutouts are well-positioned and sized, though.

Charging: It worked well on a good wireless charger, but was a little touchy trying to get a good connection on a less-powerful wireless charger. The Lightning port cutout is big enough to easily accommodate all our third-party cables.

Grip2u Silicone

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (9)

Best Prices Today:$34.99 at Grip2u

Craftsmanship: This whole case is made out of a nice soft-touch silicone, with a felt-like material inside to protect the back glass of your iPhone 13. It feels good and seems well-made, but the whole gimmick here is the thin silicone strap on the back. Slide a finger or two in there to act as a grip for easier one-hand operation, similar to a PopSocket or any of the many other iPhone grips. It’s surprisingly comfortable. The case comes in black and blue, but replacement bands come in a variety of colors and styles (and cost a reasonable $6).

Buttons: The buttons are aligned properly, easy to press, and retain the clicky feel of a naked iPhone. The cutouts for the mute switch and speakers are positioned and sized well.

Charging: I was shocked to find I got a good connection with all my wireless chargers, when it seems like the grip band (thin though it may be) might interfere. You can’t use MagSafe, though. Unfortunately, the cutout for the Lightning port is just a little bit too smaller than I would like. Apple’s official cables, and many third-party cables, fit with no problems, but the largest Lightning plugs are a bit of a tight fit.

Incipio Duo

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (10)

Best Prices Today:$7.40 at Amazon$29.99 at Incipio

Craftsmanship: This is a pretty basic case, and it feels like it. It’s not poorly made, but it certainly has a pretty basic plastic feel to it. One interesting design choice is the inclusion of little “feet” on three of the back corners, which feel slightly awkward in the hand but allow the phone to sit level on a desk instead of wobbling from the big camera bump. Note that Incipio makes two versions of this case, one without MagSafe and one with (that costs $10 more).

Buttons: The power and volume buttons are too stiff and don’t have much travel to them, and the cutout for the mute switch is a bit off-center. It’s functional, but doesn’t feel high-quality.

Charging: I had no problems getting a decent connection on any wireless charger I tired, and the cutout for the Lightning plug is generous enough to easily fit larger third-party cables.

Case-Mate Twinkle

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (11)

Best Prices Today:$14.94 at Amazon$45 at Case-Mate

Craftsmanship: If I’m honest, most of the Case-Mate designs are way too gaudy for my personal tastes, and that includes the “Twinkle (Stardust)” reviewed here. But there’s definitely a market for this stuff, and Case-Mate cases are easy to find at lots of retailers. Maybe it’s because it’s made with plant-based materials, but the plastic feels hard, unforgiving, and cheap. And the fit isn’t very precise. For example, the camera cutout has squared, instead of rounded, corners.

Buttons: The buttons protrude quite a bit and are very easy click, but the cutout for the mute switch is way out of alignment, to the point where it’s difficult to operate.

Charging: I did’t have any trouble with any of my good wireless charging stands, but some of the lesser ones were hard to get a good connection with. The Lightning port cutout is quite large, and shouldn’t get in the way of larger cables.

Mous Limitless 4.0

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (12)

Best Prices Today:$59.99 at Amazon

Craftsmanship: This is a very well-made case, if not particularly special. It fits well, it’s comfortable in the hand, it looks good. I can’t figure out why it’s $60, though. Yes, MagSafe compatibility adds a bit of cost, and everything about the design and build quality is on point, but there’s nothing about the construction or materials that would necessitate this kind of pricing.

Buttons: The buttons are clicky and responsive, and the cutout for the mute switch, speakers, and charge port are aligned and sized properly. It’s just as it should be.

Charging: I didn’t have any problems using any wireless charger, and MagSafe accessories attached well.

MOFT Snap Phone Case

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (13)

Best Prices Today:$39 at MOFT

Craftsmanship: MOFT is known mostly for its fold-out stands and wallet accessories, but their basic MagSafe Snap case deserves your attention. It’s well-made overall, and claims double-strong MagSafe magnets–in my testing, it definitely adhered much more securely to all my MagSafe accessories. It’s a fairly basic case, but if you use MagSafe stuff, you’ll appreciate how strong the magnets are.

Buttons: The buttons are workable without too much trouble, though the volume buttons are a little stiffer than the side button. The oval cutout for the mute switch is lined up well, but a little on the small side.

Charging: Works well with all my wireless chargers and lightning cables. But more importantly, the extra-strong MagSafe magnets do make a real difference.

Casetify Impact Case

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (14)

Best Prices Today:$55.80 at Amazon$60 at Casetify

Craftsmanship: Casetify’s claim to fame is having lots and lots of designs. Hundreds, with the ability to create your own custom design on the Castetify website. The cases themselves are reasonably well-made. Flexible and durable, with a good fit. There’s a generous lip along the top and around the camera bump, which would help those who are a little rougher on their iPhones. The biggest downside is cost—basic designs are $60, and more complex designs are $70, and if you want MagSafe it’s $10 more.

Buttons: The volume buttons are a little stiff but the side button is responsive. The cutouts for the mute switch, speakers, and Lighting port are all aligned properly.

Charging: The case is too thick for a good MagSafe attachment (there are MagSafe versions that work well if that’s important to you), but I had no problem with any wireless charger I tried and the cutout for the Lightning port is big enough for all my third-party cables.

Kate Spade New York Defensive Hardshell Case

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (15)

Best Prices Today:$49.99 at Incipio

Craftsmanship: Made and sold by Incipio, the Kate Spade New York series is all about designs that mesh with the Kate Spade brand. Glitter, flowers, pink, leopard print…there’s a very distinct vibe. It’s a pretty well-made case, though, with comfortable rounded sides and a nice fit, without the plastic being too rigid. It’s just a basic plastic case with licensed designs, but it’s built well.

Buttons: All the buttons are great, with a distinct clicky feel and bounce. The mute switch cutout is a little small for the case thickness, making it slightly hard to access, but it’s not too bad.

Charging: The MagSafe version of this case worked fine with all my MagSafe accessories and chargers, as well as other wireless chargers. The Lightning port cutout is big enough to work with all my third-party Lightning cables.

Thin cases

A super-thin case is all about adding as little bulk and weight to your iPhone 13 as possible. The iPhone 13 is a heavy phone, especially the Pro models, so you’d be forgiven for not wanting to make it heavier still. A thin case necessarily offers only minimal drop protection; they’re really made to function as a sort of “skin” that’s easy to take on or off, saving your expensive phone from scuffs and scratches. Thin cases have the benefit of working great with wireless charging (usually), but on the iPhone 13 Pro you’ll see a pretty big lip around that huge camera bump, which can get in the way a little. Some are even so thin that they barely interfere with MagSafe accessories, despite not technically being “MagSafe compatible.”

Totallee iPhone 13 Pro Case

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (16)

Best Prices Today:$31.00 at Amazon$39 at Totallee

Craftsmanship: Totallee makes some of our favorite ultra-thin cases. They’re precision cut to fit well, but don’t have any sharp edges. Cutouts for the silence switch, speakers, and Lightning port are just right. Super-thin cases don’t afford a lot of drop protection, but they’re great for keeping scratches and scuffs off without adding a lot of bulk.

Buttons: Button action is perfect. You still get that clicky feel and don’t have to exert any extra pressure.

Charging: As a super-thin case, there’s a significant lip around the camera bump, especially on the iPhone 13 Pro models. There has to be. That can get in the way of some charging stands or mounts, which is more Apple’s fault than Totallee’s. Otherwise, they’re so thin as to not interfere with wireless charging at all. We were even able to use some MagSafe accessories well because the case is so thin, despite these not being Magsafe-compatible cases.

Spigen Liquid Air

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (17)

Best Prices Today:$14.99 at Amazon

Craftsmanship: This straddles the line between a standard-size case and a “thin” case. Spigen says it has “air cushion technology” to help protect your iPhone from drops, but let’s face it, no case this thin is going to offer really great drop protection. The grippy back is nice, but the edges of that back pattern aren’t as smooth as they could be. The main draw here is that this is a super affordable case, and for the price, it’s not half bad. The top lip of the case partially covers the earpiece, though not enough to have an impact on how it sounds.

Buttons: The buttons on this case have slits cut along the edges, making them quite easy to depress. The cutouts for the mute switch, speakers, and Lightning port are well-proportioned.

Charging: Works fine with every wireless charger we tried, though as with most thin cases, the substantial lip around the camera bump can make placement tricky on some chargers or stands. However, this case isn’t quite thin enough to work with MagSafe accessories.

Spigen Thin Fit

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (18)

Best Prices Today:$15.99 at Amazon

Craftsmanship: Spigen’s Thin Fit is the same affordable price as the Liquid Air, but we like it a little better and it comes in more color options. The smooth finish feels better in the hand, and the case is even thinner and more comfortable to hold. The upper lip has a little near-imperceptible groove cut to make sure the earpiece isn’t obstructed, which we appreciate. Our one complaint is the slight seam running down the sides where the colored back piece meets the matte black front piece.

Buttons: Like the Liquid Air, the buttons have cutouts along the sides that make them easier to press, and the cutouts for the mute switch, speakers, and Lightning port are positioned and sized well.

Charging: No problems working with any wireless charger we tried, outside of Apple’s huge camera bump occasionally getting in the way. This case is thin enough that some MagSafe accessories held fast, which you can’t really say about the Liquid Air.

Moshi iGlaze XT

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (19)

Best Prices Today:$29.95 at Amazon$29.95 at Moshi

Craftsmanship: Most of Moshi’s “iGlaze” thin cases are part of their SnapTo proprietary magnetic mounting system. Unless you have a lot of those accessories already, we suggest you avoid them in favor of the broader MagSafe ecosystem. The iGlaze XT, however, is a nice thin clear case with no SnapTo or MagSafe magnets at all. It’s fairly thin, glossy, clear, and well-made with a precise fit. The SnapTo iGlaze cases are considerable thicker.

Buttons: Nice clicky, easy-to-press action on all buttons, and the cutouts for the switches and ports are all perfectly aligned and sized well.

Charging: We had no issue with any wireless charger or third-party Lightning cable. Some thin cases are slim enough for MagSafe accessories to attached securely, but this one is just a little too thick to get a solid stick.

Rugged cases

If you’re especially rough on your iPhone, you probably want a rugged case. These are ideal for people who work in rough environments, but they’re useful for anyone who drops their phone a lot, or has a nosy and rambunctious toddler, or goes fishing all the time, or puts their phone in situations where it could break easily.

Rugged cases are often thick and bulky, and therefore you can expect them not to work very well with most wireless chargers, if they work at all. Button action is also especially important in these cases, as the thicker designs often make buttons stiff and hard to press.

Spigen Tough Armor

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (20)

Craftsmanship: Another Spigen case we’re not big fans of. It’s more “tough-looking” than actually tough. The back looks like metal, but that’s just plastic. The little flip-out kickstand is a chintzy piece of plastic we could easily bend, and will almost certainly snap off or crack in due time. And what’s the point of a rugged durable case with a huge hole in the back to show the Apple logo? I’m sure a case this thick offers nice impact resistance, but it doesn’t seem very well made.

Buttons: The rubberized buttons work surprisingly well for such a thick case, but we can’t get over how badly misaligned the cutout for the mute button is.

Charging: The Lightning port cutout is big enough for even larger third-party cables. And while most ruggedized cases don’t work with wireless chargers, this one actually did work with a few of our better ones, thanks to the fact that it only looks metallic but is actually all plastic. I’m sure the big hole around the Apple logo helps, too.


Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (21)

Best Prices Today:$24.99 at Amazon

Craftsmanship: This is not quite a big and thick as some other rugged cases, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The scalloped and textured sides give you a serious grip, and there’s enough heft here to provide good drop protection. The front lip is substantial, with a cutout on the top edge so as not to block the top earpiece. The whole case has a slightly sandpapery texture that really does make it easy to grip even with wet or messy hands.

Buttons: Somehow, this thicker case has buttons that feel less stiff than Smartish’s other cases. They have a nice distinct and clicky feel. Cutouts for the mute switch, Lightning port, and speakers are generous.

Charging: This is a MagSafe compatible case, which means it has a ring of magnets in the back to make MagSafe accessories adhere strongly, and they really work great. We got a pretty solid wireless charging connection to all the chargers we tested, too.

Raptic Shield

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (22)

Best Prices Today:$29.99 at Amazon$29.99 at Raptic

Craftsmanship: Raptic says their case is tested to withstand 10-foot drops onto concrete, a claim we’re not about to try verifying. But the case is quite rigid and has an aluminum frame with a rubber “bubble” pattern on the inside edges, and the clear plastic back is rigid and hard. It’s not as bulky as some other ruggedized cases but definitely adds considerable heft to your iPhone 13.

Buttons: The thick sides with generous spacing are great for shock absorption but make it hard to do good buttons. They’re only slightly stiff, but the little dimple isn’t enough to easily find the button locations by touch. They’re lined up well, and the cutouts for the mute switch, Lightning port, and speakers are generous.

Charging: The back is just clear, rigid plastic and doesn’t interfere with most wireless chargers. But it’s a little thick, and finicky or weak chargers had trouble finding good alignment. If you have a good wireless charger, you’ll be fine. Third-party Lightning connectors that are larger than Apple’s had no problem with the generous cutout around the port.

Wallet cases

In an increasingly tap-to-pay world, there’s less reason to carry around a bunch of stuff in your wallet. Apple’s even making state IDs and driver’s licenses available in iOS 15 (in supporting states). If you only need to carry around a couple of cards, a wallet case case be a great idea. Yeah, these tend to be bigger and thicker cases, but that can be a small price to pay to not carry around a separate wallet.

Almost none of these cases will work with wireless chargers. They’re too thick because of the card holder, and they need magnetic protection to stop the MagSafe magnets in the back of your iPhone 13 from messing up the magnetic strip on your credit or debit cards. Their added bulk makes button action especially important, much like rugged cases.

Note that we’re not covering MagSafe wallet attachments here, only fully cases that have wallet or card-carrying features. If you want a sometimes-wallet, perhaps a MagSafe compatible case and wallet sleeve attachment is a better choice for you.

Spigen Slim Armor CS

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (23)

Craftsmanship: Spigen typically makes pretty good products, but they blew it with this one. This is supposed to be a “slim but rugged” case with a slide-open compartment on the back to hold two or three credit cards, IDs, or a few folded-up bills. But the sliding compartment is a little chintzy, and worse, there’s only a thin piece of rubber separating it from the back of your iPhone. The back of your iPhone that is full of magnets. If you put a credit card in this case, you’re just begging for the magnetic strip to be erased. Yikes. We don’t live in a chip-and-pin card-only society yet; this is a huge design failure.

Buttons: As it does on some other cases, Spigen has cutouts along the sides of its buttons to make them easier to press. And the cutouts around the mute switch, speakers, and charge port are on point.

Charging: As you might expect, this case doesn’t work at all with wireless chargers. The Lightning port is unobstructed, though.

Smartish Wallet Slayer vol. 1

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (24)

Best Prices Today:$19.99 at Amazon

Craftsmanship: Smartish sells two versions of this case: Vol. 1 with a smooth hard back and Vol. 2 with a textured pocket. They both hold about four cards (or maybe three and a bit of cash) in a nice sleeve that holds cards securely but makes them easy to remove. They fit the iPhone 13 well, with a cutout on the top lip so as not to block the top speaker. There’s a critical flaw in both of them, though–there’s nothing but a thin strip of slicone between the cards and your iPhone 13, which is loaded with magnets. You’re begging for your card’s magnetic stripe to be erased if you use this thing. Maybe they should have called it “Card Slayer.” It’s a shame, because it’s otherwise a decent case at a good price. If you only plan to use cards with no magnetic strip (or cash), it’s not a bad choice.

Buttons: The buttons are slightly stiff, but it’s not nearly the worst we’ve seen. The cutouts for the mute switch and Lightning port are generous and centered well.

Charging: As with most wallet cases, there’s just too much material in the back to work well with a wireless charger and you definitely should not even try to use it as such with credit cards inserted.

Smartish Dancing Queen

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (25)

Best Prices Today:$29.99 at Amazon

Craftsmanship: You probably shouldn’t expect too much from a $30 case that has a whole wallet and wrist strap and body strap, but Smartish’s unique Dancing Queen is slightly better built than you’d think. Of course, nothing here even remotely resembles real leather, but it fits your phone well, and the flap to hold your cards and cash (up to five cards plus a few bills) is sized right and works well. There doesn’t appear to be any protection from your iPhone 13’s ring of magnets, so it could erase the magnetic stripe on any cards you put in there, but there’s a bit more material than in some other wallet cases. Still, it’s impossible to recommend a wallet case that isn’t shielded to protect magnetic stripes on cards.

Buttons: The buttons are a little on the stiff side, but still work reliably. The cutout for the mute switch is large enough to operate it easily.

Charging: This wallet case has even more wallet slapped onto the back than most, so wireless charging is definitely going to work–even when there are no cards in it.

Vena Legacy

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (26)

Best Prices Today:$39.99 at Vena

Craftsmanship: This sturdy case has a flap on the back that holds two cards, or can serve as a kickstand of sorts. The flap holds closed with magnets, and blocks RFID signals. So far so good, but the case has MagSafe-compatible magnets in the back, and doesn’t appear to do a very good job shielding cards in the card flap from them. So this could be great for IDs or chip cards, but I’d be worried about putting a metro card with a magnetic stripe in there. It’s a little disappointing in a case this bulky.

Buttons: The buttons are clicky and responsive, despite the relative bulk of the case. The cutout for the mute switch is positioned and sized well.

Charging: With the card-flap open, it works well with wireless chargers and even sticks securely to MagSafe devices. The Lightning port cutout leaves room even for larger third-party cables.

Moshi Overture

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (27)

Best Prices Today:$49.95 at Amazon$49.95 at Moshi

Craftsmanship: This vegan leather case lets you magnetically attach your iPhone, in a case, inside a larger wallets that can hold a few more cards and bills that the typical snap-on back wallet. The wallet feels pretty good and it’s nice to quickly and easily leave it behind if you like, but note that this is not a MagSafe case. It uses Moshi’s proprietary Snap To system. That’s not a problem as you get the case and wallet together, but it does limit your options for other accessories.

Buttons: The buttons are distinct and easy to press, and the mute switch cutout, while not very large, is aligned well. Note that the cutouts for one set of the speakers on the bottom edge aren’t quite lined up right, but it doesn’t affect the sound quality very much.

Charging: This works fine with any wireless charger I tried and the Lightning cutout is big enough for larger third-party Lightning cables. But the Snap To magnetic system makes this incompatible with MagSafe.

Author: Jason Cross, Senior Editor

Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases: What to buy and what to avoid (28)

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What is the safest phone case for iPhone 13? ›

Protective cases we recommend: Smartish Gripzilla, Speck Presidio Pro, and Speck Presidio Grip. If you tend to drop your phone a lot—or if you simply don't want to take any risks when it comes to damage—the Smartish Gripzilla is the most protective case we recommend for the iPhone 12, 13 and 14.

What case I should buy for an iPhone 13 pro? ›

  • Spigen Mag Armor Case for iPhone 13 Pro. The best iPhone 13 Pro case with Air Cushion technology. ...
  • OtterBox Otter + POP Symmetry Series Case. ...
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Clear Case with MagSafe. ...
  • Peak Design Everyday Case for iPhone 13 Pro. ...
  • TORRO Genuine Leather Case for iPhone 13 Pro. ...
  • LifeProof FRĒ Case for iPhone 13 Pro.
May 31, 2023

Are iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases different? ›

Dimensions are the same, however I know the camera clusters are different sizes on the back (13 Pro being bigger). Figured a regular 13 might have a chance of fitting into a 13 Pro case.

Does an iPhone 13 Pro need a protective case? ›

All those little particles can really cause damage over time by scratching up your screen. So, if you're in a lot of sandy or dusty conditions, go ahead and invest in both an iPhone case and a screen protector.

Is OtterBox the best case? ›

OtterBox phone cases have a strong reputation for durability. I tested several of the company's popular cases on my iPhone 14 Pro to determine the best durability, feel, and fit. My favorite OtterBox case is the OtterBox Defender, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants robust phone protection.

Why iPhone 13 does not need a case? ›

The iPhone 13 Pro has a Ceramic Shield, which the company says is "tougher than any smartphone glass." The phone is IP68 rated for dust and water resistance. It's protected against falling in a pool or a toilet. The outer perimeter is also surrounded by surgical-grade stainless steel.

What does MagSafe case mean? ›

MagSafe cases and sleeves contain magnets that align iPhone (supported models) with MagSafe chargers and battery packs. You can even hold and use iPhone while it's charging.

What is the most durable iPhone? ›

The biggest takeaway is that both the iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max were severely cracked or shattered after the first drop, where the iPhones 12 and 13 proved to be some of Apple's most durable phones and didn't have severe damage until the second or third drop.

What is the best iPhone 13 case for cooling? ›

Otterbox – Editor's choice

The case has a sleek design that fits iPhone 13's ergonomics. This offers a firm grip and ensures your phone's buttons work as they should, without any extra force. Further, the case has the patented CoolVergence technology. This makes the case's material perfect for dissipating heat.

Can iPhone 13 and 13 Pro use the same screen protector? ›

Using a case with a screen protector typically offers the best protection for your phone. Since both the devices have the same front display size and accompanying measurements, the same screen protectors will work with both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

Can I use the same case for iPhone 13 Pro? ›

Are the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases interchangeable at least? No. Unlike the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, which share the same physical dimensions, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro do not. While the dimensions of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro handsets are the same, it comes down to the camera module.

Is it worth putting a screen protector on iPhone 13 Pro? ›

NO, iPhone 13 Pro is NOT anti-scratch and if you don't put a good quality screen protector on it, you can fully expect to see from micro to deeper scratches over time. Most all Apple Stores install Screen Protectors from Belkin, which are very good. Best Buy sells various brands of screen protectors as does Amazon.

Do iphones need a screen protector? ›

Using a glass screen protector isn't a guarantee that you'll never break your iPhone's screen. But a protector can prevent screen scratches, which affect the structural integrity of the glass and make cracks more likely.

Is anything better than OtterBox? ›

Our pick for the best Otterbox alternative is Supcase. If you like Otterbox's pros but not its cons, here are some similar brands that make great Otterbox alternatives. We all want to protect our phones as best we can. Screen repairs aren't cheap, and these days our phones are so much more than communication devices.

Which case is better Otterbox Defender or Commuter? ›

When you compare Otterbox Defender and Commuter cases, the main difference between the two different types of Otterbox cases is that the Defender offers utmost protection. This is especially the case with its built-in screen protector and a hard inner shell. The Commuter is essentially a light version of the Defender.

Which OtterBox case is better defender or symmetry? ›

The Otterbox Defender is their most rugged case, offering the highest level of protection. In contrast, Otterbox Symmetry cases have comparably less protection but have a slimmer and more stylish design.

Do I need a waterproof case for my iPhone 13? ›

While iPhone 13 models can handle submersion in 6-meter depths for 30 minutes, you'll probably want to think twice before taking your phone unprotected on your next snorkeling venture. Don't leave anything to chance. Make sure you seal off your iPhone 13 against moisture by investing in a waterproof case.

Is iPhone 13 drop proof? ›

Both dropped face down and dropped back down, and they've come out on top. These results show the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are extremely durable compared to a regular iPhone. They can withstand first and second drop tests from significant heights, with minimal damage, especially after one drop.

How can I protect my phone without a case? ›

If you don't like cases but still want to protect your device, check out these alternatives that still protect your phone.
  1. Screen Protectors. ...
  2. Smartphone Wraps. ...
  3. Corner Protectors. ...
  4. Smartphone Grips. ...
  5. Pop Sockets. ...
  6. Smartphone Sleeves. ...
  7. Port Covers.
Mar 6, 2022

What is the difference between with MagSafe and for MagSafe? ›

The main difference between a MagSafe case and a non-MagSafe case is the ring of magnets that allow you to attach other accessories. But it's more complex than slapping on some magnets - specific thicknesses and specifications must be met to comply with Apple's standards.

Why do people want MagSafe? ›

The MagSafe Charger connects with a simple click and stays hidden on the back of your iPhone to give you as much freedom of movement as possible. So you can still make calls, play games or watch videos and enjoy all the features of your smartphone without the hassle of a charging cable or broken charging port.

Why would you need a MagSafe case? ›

MagSafe is a trademark of Apple but commonly refers to a circular magnet inside the phone. Without a MagSafe enabled case, the magnets in your phone will be farther from the accessory and the magnetic hold won't be as strong. With a MagSafe case, you can confidently set your phone down to charge, quickly.

Which iPhone was the most popular? ›

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max made up 46% of total US iPhone purchases in the US survey. Add in the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, and the latest iPhone models made up an impressive 75% of the total.

What iPhone doesn't break? ›

Let's break it down

In a statement to CNET, Apple said, "iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro represent the biggest jump in durability ever on iPhone ...

What color iPhone 13 is best for resale? ›

Midnight. Midnight is the most popular iPhone 13 color choice on Swappa. This shade is new to the iPhone 13, and not found on the previous generation iPhone 12. This coveted color is classy and in demand.

Which iPhone 13 color is better? ›

For most people, the Midnight iPhone 13 is probably the best way to go. After all, it's hard to go wrong with black, and it's always iconic and just goes with everything. If you don't like dark colors, Starlight is a good alternative that remains neutral.

Does iPhone 13 need MagSafe case? ›

Does iPhone 13 Need A Case To Use MagSafe? While Apple and many third-party sellers do offer MagSafe compatible cases, iPhone 13 users don't actually need a case to charge their phone via MagSafe.

What is the best MagSafe clear case for iPhone 13 Pro? ›

Spigen MagSafe Case – Best Clear Case

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid MagSafe case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a top-notch crystal clear protecting case that features an anti-yellowing coating to avoid yellow hues. This clear case allows you to see your exact phone color without any other color hues or distortion.

How much does Apple charge for screen protector? ›

The Apple Store-installed system is a different variant, and will only be available for the iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus and 6S Plus. The two options are a $35 Invisiglass shatterproof glass protector, or a $20 Anti-Glare protector (it's a little odd there are two choices; I'd prefer one that does both).

Which iPhone cases are compatible? ›

Products for iPhone 11 fit on iPhone XR. Products for iPhone 11 Pro fit on iPhone XS /X. Products for iPhone 11 Pro Max fit on iPhone XS Max. Products for iPhone 13 Pro Max fit on iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Does iPhone 13 Pro camera scratch easily? ›

Is the iPhone 13's camera prone to scratches? Yes, iPhone camera lenses are scratch-resistant.

Which type of screen protector is best? ›

Tempered glass

Tempered-glass screen protectors do better against drops and scratches than plastic. Plus some brands offer added features, including antiglare and privacy technology. The main downside? The protector is thicker, so you'll notice it on your screen.

What is the downside of screen protector? ›

Disadvantages of Screen Protectors

And since screen protectors are not as tough as Gorilla Glass or Ceramic Shield, they pick up unsightly scratches that wouldn't have actually scratched your smartphone's screen. This is all assuming you apply the screen protector properly.

Does the Apple 13 silicone case actually protect your phone? ›

Like every Apple-designed case, it undergoes thousands of hours of testing throughout the design and manufacturing process. So not only does it look great, it's built to protect your iPhone from scratches and drops.

How do I protect my iPhone 13 Pro camera lens? ›

By using an iPhone case, a screen protector, or a lens cap, you can help to keep your camera safe from scratches, bumps, and other damage.

How do I protect the back glass on my iPhone 13 Pro? ›

The back of your new iPhone 13 Pro is made of glass and you want to protect it from breaking. Adding a back screen protector as well as a case will decrease the chances of it ever breaking greatly.

What happens if you don t have a screen protector on your phone? ›

it is safe. specially in screen guard use tempered glass, because if any incident of broke happen then, first the tempered glass broke and your screen is safe. I never used screen protector on the mobiles built in with guerilla glass and found no issues either without them.

Which is better screen protector or tempered glass? ›

A screen guard or a screen protector is much less dense than tempered glass but is definitely more functional for scratch protection. Since the screen guard is a plastic coating, it's definitely not brittle.

Can iPhone 13 back glass be replaced? ›

On the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, iPhone back glass replacement requires a trained expert to open the device, take apart some of its components, and attach a new part.

How do I keep my iPhone 13 safe? ›

Protect access to your iPhone

Set a strong passcode: Setting a passcode to unlock iPhone is the most important thing you can do to safeguard your device.

How do I protect my iPhone 13 from damage? ›

If you have an iPhone 13, you should use a case or a cover to protect it. A good case can protect your phone from drops, knicks, dents, dirt, and scratches, keeping it looking as good as new for resale.

What is the difference between MagSafe and normal case? ›

The main difference between a MagSafe case and a non-MagSafe case is the ring of magnets that allow you to attach other accessories. But it's more complex than slapping on some magnets - specific thicknesses and specifications must be met to comply with Apple's standards.

Which is better Apple silicone or leather case? ›

In addition, silicone cases absorb shocks and impact energy well, providing some protection in case of a fall. However, compared to leather cases, they are less durable and offer less protection against scratches. Silicone cases are less appealing in terms of touch and appearance than leather cases.

How do you catch someone snooping on your iPhone? ›

Go to iPhone's Settings and open Screen Time. Then, tap See All Activity. The summary of your weekly and daily activity will be displayed. For example, if it shows Messages being used on your iPhone at a time when you were away from it, it means someone might be reading your messages behind your back.

What is the best way to protect your iPhone? ›

Set a strong passcode: Setting a passcode to unlock iPhone is the most important thing you can do to safeguard your device.

How do I protect my iPhone from viruses? ›

How to keep your iPhone safe from malware
  1. Don't click on suspicious links.
  2. Don't install apps that Apple doesn't recognize.
  3. Only download apps from the App Store.
  4. Don't jailbreak your iPhone, as this will remove most Apple security features.
Nov 6, 2022

What color sells best iPhone 13? ›

What color iPhone 13 are most people buying?
  • 38% of buyers chose color Midnight.
  • 22% of buyers chose color Blue.
  • 14% of buyers chose color Pink.
  • 11% of buyers chose color Starlight.
  • 7% of buyers chose color Red.
  • 7% of buyers chose color Green.

Which OtterBox is best? ›

The Defender Series® offers the most safeguards of any OtterBox case. And it's available for a range of smartphones and tablets. It's the only series with 3 layers of protection: a polycarbonate inner layer, a silicone outer layer and a sturdy, swiveling belt clip holster.

What type of case is best for iPhone? ›

The best iPhone cases for 2023
  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid (MagFit) $25 at Amazon. $25 at Amazon.
  • Smartish Gripmunk. $20 at Amazon. $20 at Amazon.
  • Case-Mate BLOX. $21 at Amazon. ...
  • Incipio Organicore. $40 at Incipio. ...
  • CYRILL Kajuk Mag. $27 at Amazon. ...
  • Peak Design Everyday Case. $40 at Peak Design. ...
  • Pelican Shield Kevlar Series. $60 at Amazon.

What damages iPhone 13 battery? ›

It's especially important to avoid exposing your device to ambient temperatures higher than 95° F (35° C), which can permanently damage battery capacity. That is, your battery won't power your device as long on a given charge. Charging the device in high ambient temperatures can damage it further.

Do you need to protect the glass on an iPhone 13? ›

Well, the short of it is you'll absolutely want a screen protector. Even though the ceramic shield is an impressive piece of tech, every iPhone 13 owner should protect their device with a tough screen protector and phone case, too.

Do iPhones need a screen protector? ›

Using a glass screen protector isn't a guarantee that you'll never break your iPhone's screen. But a protector can prevent screen scratches, which affect the structural integrity of the glass and make cracks more likely.


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